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Security fasteners, as the name indicates, are fasteners that provide an added level of security by their drive design that prevents removal with ordinary screwdrivers. FCA offers a variety of security fastener head-styles, drives and matching tools for their installation and removal. Screws are available in sheet metal and machine threads.
Tamperproof screws can save you thousands of dollars as they protect you from such things as tampering, unauthorized entries, vandalism, theft, and many other circumstances. We offer many styles of tamperproof screws including:

Snake Eyes Spanner
Snake Eyes SpannerThe original Snake Eyes® Spanner requires matching driver bit reducing the chances of unauthorized removal. Available in 18-8 stainless steel. Some machine screws available in brass. Stainless steel set screws available as special order. Nuts are Zinc alloy.

Phillips Pin Heads
Phillips Pin HeadTraditional Phillips drive with tamper-resistant pin added for security. Easy to drive & remove with matching tool. (Cannot be removed with Phillips Screwdriver.) Available in machine & sheet metal screws with Flat or Pan-Head design

One-Way Slotted
One Way SlottedPopular design installs with standard screwdriver. Reverse side cammed out to prevent unauthorized removal. Machine and sheet metal screws available in Round, Truss or Oval-Head designs. Sex-Bolts also available.

Opsit® Reverse Threads
OpsitOpsitTM is a reverse thread sheet metal screw that installs counter-clockwise, thus, tightens if removal is attempted. Available with a low profile Truss-Head and Tri-Wing drive.

Torx® Security
TorxMaximum torque transfer & positive tool engagement means easier drive installation with less pressure & slippage. Torx® Pin-Head offers a high degree of security & requires matching driver bit. Available in:

  • Button & Flat-Head machine screws
  • Button & Flat-Head self-tapping screws
  • Pan-Head self-drilling screws

Tri-WingsEconomical Tri-Wing® tamper-resistant screws are the common choice for high volume assembly operations while offering a minimal degree of security. Machine & sheet metal screws are offered in a Pan-Head design and OpsitTM reverse thread.

TP3We've added TP3® to our powerful line-up of security fasteners. Its new triangular recessed drive offers three times the security of ordinary sheet metal screws. Available in #8 and #10 self-tapping screws, Type A, 410 stainless steel in a variety of lengths.
Our tamperproof screws also come in various head and thread styles, such as pan, flat truss, round; oval and button heads, along with sheet metal, machine, and self-drilling thread styles. All of our tamperproof screws require matching tools for easy placement and removal. Without these tools, our tamperproof screws are virtually impossible to remove.

Breakaway Nut/Non-Removable Security Nut Aluminum
Breakaway NutsBreakaway Nuts
Hex nut breaks away when nut is tightened leaving only the tamper-resistant conical portion. No special tool is required - uses standard wrench for installation.